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About me
How my journey started and why you can trust me with your business.
About me
How my journey started and why you can trust me with your business.

Hello, I am Nadine. 
I like working with and for people. Already as a child I had a natural curiosity and interest in people and was always happy to learn, to discover and to make new experiences.

Virtual Services by Nadine Waser started when I realized that I wanted to own my life, both personally and professionally. As a nature lover and mother, I wanted to be more flexible in when and where I work. I also wanted to make more of an impact and be able to choose the people I want to work with to make a real difference in their lives.

Shortly after this, I also realized I had the experience, ambition and willpower to start my own Virtual Assistant Business, so I did!

Professional experience

I have been an Executive Assistant for 20 years and have worked in national and international companies in the German and French speaking part of Switzerland. I was part of an exciting start-up in the automotive industry and have gained experience at university and bring a large backpack of knowledge and expertise with me.

Personal experiences

I have travelled a lot, lived in different parts of Switzerland and in Morocco, which has had a positive impact on my interpersonal skills. I can easily communicate in English, French and German and enjoy interacting with a wide variety of people.

When I am not working, I spend my time with my family, on my yoga mat or in/on the water. Being a certified yoga teacher is a real asset when working in a fast-paced environment, as it helps me to incorporate the necessary mindfulness into stressful days. Not only for myself, but also for the people I work with. 

Nadine Waser has assisted me in the administrative management of yoga events. I have been very happy with her services. She is serious, organized, understands quickly, is patient and warm. Our relationship has been 100% positive for me and my business.

F. Lacaze
Yoga Teacher & Naturpathic Doctor / Le cabinet de santé Florence Lacaze


My mission is to help small business owners and independents build and grow their business by providing high quality and innovative personal assistance services in order to see them thrive in
their industry.


My vision is to inspire and help people live a satisfying work-life balance and allow them to focus on what matters most to them.


I strongly believe in a fun, friendly but professional attitute with an open mindset.

Looking forward to hearing from you!